Monday, October 27, 2014

"RUN!!!!!" - Soeur Jackson (Week 41)

One thing you need to know about Soeur Jackson: she runs from everything. On Tuesday night after we had been on exchange most of the day we pushed on and went out to pass some people and do some porting in a thunder storm. It was quite freaky actually. So we pass this less active at like 8:45 and we're creeping all over her property trying to find her front door. Eventually we decided to knock on the window in front of where she was sitting reading a book. She looked absolutely terrified and she couldn't even see us because it was pitch black outside and there was a huge storm! So Soeur Jackson yells RUN and books it. Naturally Soeur Gerritsen and I followed her. We realized afterwards that that probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation....... but oh well. Hopefully we didn't give her nightmares hahaha.

I can crush this castle betwixt my fingers!
Holy Cowwwwwww so much happened this week. First of all we got TWENTY TWO LESSONS yipeeeeeee!!!! Heavenly Father is blessing us like crazy.

Can I just say something? I have never seen a missionary with more faith than Soeur Gerritsen. Every time she says someone is going to get baptized now, I believe her.

Quick Giovanni update before I get on with the flood of miracles. We weren't able to find out anything the ENTIRE week. BUT last night we passed his apartment for the 100th time and a woman answered the door. She said that he is super ill (like has to stay in bed all the time ill) and she is taking care of him. He can't even have visitors. (I know what this feels like......remember the week after spinal tap????) Please pray for him!

On the way back from Geneve
Okay, I want to talk about Gerard. Not sure if I've talked about him before but he is SO GREAT. Honestly I was a bit skeptical about his potential to progress but Soeur Gerritsen taught me a lesson yet again about faith and we say huge miracles. So for one of our lessons this week we taught him the plan of salvation. Even though it isn't anything he had heard before in his church he absolutely LOVED it. He even took a picture of my wooden display of it with his iPad hahaha. We invited him to church the next day but he had his own church so I didn't really think he would come. BUT guess what. HE CAAAAMMMMEEEEEE. He absolutely loved it too! He didn't even leave in the middle of the service to go to his church. He came to all 3 hours.... I wanted to cry.... He is going to baptized on the date we fixed with him next transfer (Nov 29). I know it.
No caption needed


Last week we were heading to the church for a reason that I can't even remember but I think we had a RDV so we were in a bit of a hurry. But I was completely drawn to contact this man as we were walking there. It was one of those moments when I don't think I could have not contacted him even if I wanted to. It was like angels shoved me into him. We had a nice conversation on the road but nothing life-changing but we set a time to meet the next week. So the day before our RDV comes and I call him to confirm. He answers on like the 2nd ring (WHAT) and then asks ME if we're still good for the RDV at 5 the next day....... this may not sound amazing but it is. Friday comes and we get to the church like one minute after 5 and he was already there. It keeps getting better trust me. Found out that Pedro is PORTUGUESE (I really wish I could speak Portuguese.... should have learned it in my 6 months at home hahaha). Our lesson was with Frere Giles (bishop) so it was extra spiritual. Pedro 100% opened up to us and told us basically his entire life story about his beliefs. He was baptized Catholic, became atheist and then about a year ago he had a really cool experience in which he received a confirmation that God was there. He told us that if we had contacted him a year ago he wouldn't have even spoken to us. He said that everything happens for a reason and there's no such thing as "coincidence." HE IS AWESOME. We just need to get him better integrated in the ward and he could be completely golden... PRAY FOR HIM TOO!!

We love you too, Nutella!
While trying to confirm a RDV with an ami named Xavier I accidentally called our other ami Larry and had an entire phone conversation with him thinking it was Xavier and trying to explain we would be a few minutes late to our RDV etc etc (super embarrassing). Afterwards I realized how confused Larry would have been and tried to call him back but he didn't answer so I sent a text and he didn't answer that either...oops. (Side-note: Larry is Muslim and is not at all interested in joining our church. We were actually going to drop him.) Fast-forward to Sunday. We're sitting in amis class when all of a sudden I look out the window and see LARRY walking by. We go out and meet him and he said: "I wasn't planning on coming but I had so many calls from you guys that I just felt like I had to come." He ended up LOVING church. Guess the accidental call wasn't so terrible after all.

I made a cheese cake this week.  It was so flippin good.
Okay, I have to testify of setting goals. Literally every time we have set a realistic goal and were committed to it, "impossible" things have happened and we see flippin' cool miracles. On Saturday we had set a goal of having 5 RDV's. By 7 pm we had only had 2. We prayed after dinner before leaving the apartment and asked Heavenly Father to please bless us with 3 lessons. We went to Gerard's house and he invited us in (had just gotten home 5 minutes prior), and then next 2 people we contacted we had lessons with them. BOOM 3 lessons. It was incredible.

Bishop's son Justin Giles (13) showed us how to make s'mores in France.
AHHHH I'm running out of time. I have so many more cool miracles!!! It's so sad when I don't get to tell you everything but my letters are already ridiculously long as it is haha. Anyway I gotta go!

The church is true!

Je vous aime!!!
Soeur Everett

Psalms 40:8

PS Watch this video!! While we were at a stoplight there was a MIME performing during the red light. So French its ridiculous.

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