Monday, December 1, 2014

"Chicken" (Week 46)

We walk by that sign pretty much every single day and we crack up EVERY time. I don't even know why it's so funny hahaha.

I'm pretty sure I say this every week but this week was AMAZING. So many miracles. Honestly I can see why missionaries would hate the rain, but I have this theory/testimony that you see more miracles when you're working in pouring rain. And let me tell you... its been quite a miraculous week.

For some reason French people think its the funniest thing when I joke about the rain. I've used it in pretty much every contact this week.(Imagine me entering a silent bus with an enormous American smile and as full of energy as possible.) It usually goes something like this:

me: how are you?!?!?
French person: fine....?
me: That's great! I love the Cote d'Azur. Except the rain...

They literally laugh every time I'm not sure why. And if they're laughing at me I don't really mind if I get their number in the end. ;)

So on Tuesday we were on exchange with the Sister Training Leaders. (I was with Soeur Francis.) We had such a good exchange!!! She is wonderful. Anyway, so we decided we should pass a woman named Madame M. (her husband was a member but he just barely passed away about a month ago). She is so sweet! She comes to church from time to time but wasn't very open to having us come and visit her. So we thought maybe we could just leave her American cookies to sparc her. Sr. Francis and I took a 45 minute bus ride over to where she lives and when we got off the bus it was POURING rain. We started walking in the direction we thought was right and then just like in the movies a truck wizzes past us and splashes a huge puddle of water on us (we were in the middle of talking so it also got in our mouths hahaha). We were cracking up that we could finally check that off of our bucket lists. Anyway so we finally got there and we find out there's like high security to get in. Enormous gates and even a guard in front. Sr Francis was like "okay lets just sneak in behind this car." The security guard stared at us the entire time and didn't even say anything or stop us... BUT we successfully left the cookies after a bit more sneaking around haha. Hopefully she was touched by all of that!

I have so many cool things that happened this week that I could share! Here's a couple quick things:

  • All of the less actives we're working with came to church this Sunday!! That was huge!
  • We taught 20 lessons! (Just barely right at the end of yesterday...that was a miracle.)
  • We had 2 Thanksgiving meals in one day... I thought I was going to explode.
Having some mock coffee
Okay story! So we were out contacting one night (of course it was raining). There weren't a lot of people on the street so we pretty much contacted everyone unless they seemed sketchy. We got to this woman who was smoking outside of a hotel (she was on her break from work) and she was so excited about everything we said. There was a light in her eyes. She told us she had met elder missionaries not too long ago and that she really wanted to meet with us. She was like "here can I write my number down for you so we can set something up?" I felt really impressed that we should pray with her even though she said she had to go. I gave a prayer (don't even remember what I said). We said amen and we looked up at her and she was crying. She apologized and said she was sorry for getting emotional but that she could feel God's presence so strongly. We had to go right then but we're going to meet with her this week!
Biggest Lindt Lindor Chocolate Ball I have ever seen!
I have no clue where my time went for these emails... Sorry I didn't get to say much! Let me just tell you something I learned this week in my studies.

I was reading chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel about the Book of Mormon and came across this quote:
"[We] will come to know [the Savoir] by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon."

How cool is that!! There's a promise right there that we can learn about the Savior as well as grow closer to him as we read the Book of Mormon. One of the best parts of the Book of Mormon is when Christ comes to visit the Nephites in 3 Néphi 11-27. So I thought I would invite you all to read and study it this week. :)

Okay I have to go if I'm gonna be obedient. Have a great week! I love you!

Sœur Everett

 P.S. Here are some wise words of the week from Sr. Staples: "We don't need friends! Friends are for wussies!" :)

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