Monday, August 26, 2013

Carcassonne!! (Week 9)

Bonjour famille!!!!
Oh my Carcassonne is such a dream!! (No American keyboard today so forgive me if there are errors and such...) But honestly I feel like I couldn't be more lucky!! I love it here!! The other day we were street-boarding on the bridge by the castle and we contacted 135 people in an hour - SO FUN!! Even when they say "Je ne parle pas anglais" :) 
Oh I almost forgot, TODAY IS MY 2 MOIS ANNIVERSSAIRE (of being a missionary) - whoohoooooo!!!

Soeur Everett - tres chic!
I guess I'll start off with the miracle of the week!!! We have a muslim ami whose name is Mohammed. He is so kind and so wonderful! He told us that he would read the Book of Mormon and he says he really loves meeting with us! However, Mohammed isn't the miracle. One day we were walking around Carcassonne and we ran into him! He was with a friend of his named Veronique. She told us she really wanted to meet with us because she has been searching for the truth. The very first time we met with her she was with her son Alexandre (he is incredible - soooo much faith for such a little boy!!) They accepted baptism in our first meeting!! I think that Veronique could just tell that there was something different about us. She even told us "Everytime I walk by your church I feel something." AH she's so great!! She's on schedule to get baptized next month, so pray for her and her son!!
Ok I guess I need to clarify that I am not the pianist yet. The bishops daughter plays the piano but she is only here for vacation, so I will probably be the pianist starting in October I think!! (Oh by the way I sang in church with Sœur Beeny on Sunday! It was super fun!)

Bee sting - get thee hence abeille!
Another story for you! :) So the other day we went over to a members house for lunch (I have mangez-vous at least twice a week since I've been here, which is apparently not normal? But WOW the food is so good here!!!) Anyway, so we go to the Mudarras and they bring out this DELICIOUS tomato salad and bread and what not and I just ate and ate... After she cleared our plates she came back in with AN ENOURMOUS CHICKEN! I was already full!!! (I know I've been warned about this so many times....) We then proceeded to have I think 4 more courses... I dont think I ate again for another 24 hours. I ate so much food. And they kept wanting me to eat more and more and more!! Its ok I did it!! Suprisingly, I lost the weight I gained in North Carolina!! I think its because I walk more, not because I eat less..:)

Soeurs Vidal et Everett
The work is just going so well here and we are seeing sooo many miracles!! I have been incredibly blessed to be companions with Sœur Vidal, she is absolutely incredible, I don't know what I'm going to do without her!! Keep us in your prayers, I have SUCH a testimony of prayer and I know every prayer helps us see miracles!
One last little thought. So I've been reading in the Book of Mormon about Alma the Younger, Amulek, and the sons of Mosiah lately and I've just been absolutely amazed at their missionary work!!! They are probably some of the best missionaries that there ever were! But what really struck me was Abish! There aren't too many stories about the women in the Book of Mormon, but I just love Abish! After King Lamoni and his servants had all fallen to the earth praising God, Abish seeing this desired that everyone should see this sight so that their faith could be strengthened too! In Alma 19:17 it says she RAN from house to house telling everyone to come because she desired so much for everyone to know the truth! How great is she!? As a missionary, at times it is really difficult to maintain stamina and to continue being diligent throughout the entire day, but I have found that the more diligent we are, the more miracles we see!
I love you all so very much! I pray for you everyday! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! :)
Sœur Everett

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