Monday, September 2, 2013

Living the Dream!!! (Week 10)

Wow I feel like I have so much to tell you and once again SO LITTLE TIME!!! I'll do my best :)

So this week we got to go on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! It was super fun and I absolutely LOVE travelling!! I learned a ton from Soeur Mata! I think the most important thing she taught me is to talk to everyone! She told me something that stuck out to me. It was that she hated to see people pass by without talking to them because she wants to give EVERYONE a chance to have this happiness that we have! How great is she!? So I did a lot of chatting with people even when it was in awkward situations like on buses (I don't know why bus contacting is so awkward for me!)

Personal Scripture Study
So here's our miracle this week!!! We were calling numbers in our area book under "potential investigators" and everyone who has been on a mission knows that usually there is not a whole lot of success that comes from that. So we were calling numbers and the second person we called said "sure you can come over!!!" We were shocked. When we went over we found out shes moving to Normandie soon (bummer) but we offered to help her clean up her house before she moved and she ACCEPTED (French people never accept service...ever). I think she was super touched by our service and we're hoping she can get baptized before she moves!!! If not I know she'll get baptized soon, she's so ready!

Cassoulet!  Yum!
Okay a couple side notes. Last Sunday I had to be the ward pianist in Sacrament meeting for the first time EVER. And I realized that I don't know how to play any Sacrament hymns because I've never had to know them!!! So I sight-read one...but it went well!! I didn't have any before-notice that I was playing last Sunday, so now I'll be ready for next week!!!!

We ate CASSULET!!!! It was SO good!! I couldn't believe I liked it since it was mainly beans, but I DID!!! (Thank you Dad!!)

Another funny thing... apparently since being on a mission I've started sleep-walking and sleep-talking? On Saturday I woke up not feeling well at all and Soeur Vidal demanded that I take a little nap. Afterwards we were talking and she mentioned something about me going to the bathroom in the middle of my nap and I told her that I didn't. She told me that she heard me get out of bed (from the other room) and heard the toilet flush and everything! I was the only other person in the apartment sooo it had to be me. And I have ZERO recollection! (I'm turning into a sleep-walker like John!!!!!) :O

Feria Carcassonne this weekend!!!!!! (we didn't go but we got free bandanas!!)
Soeur Vidal always wants to take pictures of me... (by the way, most of the pictures I send come from her camera because her camera is SUPER nice and takes amazing pictures... plus she's always the one wanting to take pictures anyway!) 

Another side note.  The other sisters in our apartment are awesome!  Soeur Beeny (19) goes to BYU and she is SOOOO FUNNY!!! We have so much fun whenever shes around. She loves singing and cooking and she did theatre all growing up. Shes in her second transfer but her french is so good and shes super confident. I just love her!!  Soeur Bayles is 25 and she finished college in England before coming on her mission! Shes been out a little over a year and she is SOOO NICE and so genuine. I feel like nothing bothers her at all... She is so wonderful.

This picture was was taken on the Ferris Wheel!!! Which they just took down today :(
Oh my goodness thank you SOO much for sending your talk to me dad!! Pleeeease post it on my blog!! I read it this morning and I was just crying!! I can't believe I missed it!!

Side note for Lizzie, Johnny, Anna, and Will: you should realize now that you have the best parents EVER. I don't think I fully realized how amazing they were until I was out here on a mission! They really know what they're talking about, so my advice is to trust them. :) (And no they didn't bribe me to write that.)

I made the most BEAUTIFUL planner yesterday before bed!!! I'm in love with it!!
Well I love you and miss you family!! Thanks for all your letters!! They seriously make me SOO happy when I get them, I LOVE hearing from you!!!

Je vous aime!!
Soeur Everett

P.S. Almost forgot to add these scriptures!!! They're INCREDIBLE, you're all going to love them. Moroni 7:28-32

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