Monday, September 9, 2013


Soeurs Vidal et Everett


I am sooooo scared because this week is TRANSFER CALLS!!!!! However, I will start off the letter with huge news..... on Saturday President called us and talked to Sister Vidal. I was DYING the whole time we were teaching English class to know what he said, but she wouldn't tell me until after!!! Afterwards she told me that the reason why President called early was because he wouldn't be making the calls this coming week, and he wanted to tell Soeur Vidal personally that she was going to be a SISTER TRAINING LEADER IN LYON!!!! I HAVE THE BEST MOM EVER!!! Really though, I've been sooooo blessed to be with Soeur Vidal and I know sooo many more Sisters need her in their lives as well, so I guess I'll have to share. :( But now I'm even more nervous for calls because I know for sure my companion is leaving, but I have no idea if I'll be leaving too! (President Roney loves white-washing villes...)

Bezier District: Elder Peel and Elder Wolfenstein are our Zone Leaders (Montpellier) Elder Bowers (DL) and Elder Davis (Bezier) Soeur Sarmiento, Soeur Floisand, Soeur Receveur, Soeur Schultes (Perpignan) and of course me, Soeur Vidal, Soeur Bayles, and Soeur Beeny!!
This week was filled with so many miracles!!! I don't even know which ones to share or where to begin!!! I'll start with my wonderful Brazilian family, the Phelipes. :) Last week we went over to their house and were teaching them a little bit about the life of Christ. (They've already had all the lessons since they've been seeing the missionaries for a long time so now we teach them from the gospel principles manual.) When we got to the part about baptism we had to be bold. We told them how important baptism was and that they needed to be married first. Soeur Vidal even pointed out to them that they were living in sin right now. Our boldness really got to them. They told us that all they had to do was wait for Andersons papers to leave the army to come through and they could probably get married in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!! That means they can be baptized RIGHT AFTER. Originally they were going to wait until next summer so they could have a huge wedding in Brazil with all their family, but after talking with them they realized that they really needed to get baptized and that they could still have their big wedding in Brazil after they get married here!! Seriously, we were going crazy with excitement.

Soeurs Vidal and Everett with Elder Bowers (and the thrift store tie we bought him)
Miracle TWO!!! Yesterday we were out contacting (we needed 114 people to reach our weekly contacting goal). We had already been contacting for a long time, since it was raining yesterday and its not vacation time anymore. But we decided that instead of taking a break we would reach our goal first! (Thats always when Heavenly Father really works miracles, isn't it?) We came across one of our eternal amis, Christian! He stopped letting the missionaries come over a while ago, but he comes to church every sunday faithfully for about 7 years and he just won't get baptized! But while we were talking he really softened his heart because we were just helping him resolve his concerns about baptism. I think the reason why he doesn't want to get baptized really revolves around him feeling too pressured by the members to be baptized and he wants to decided for himself! But of course Soeur Vidal says, "Well, we knox you're ready to get baptized, so how about this weekend?" AND HE SAID MAYBE. This man has been seeing the missionaries for 7 YEARS. So tonight at FHE we are going to try to confirm the baptism!! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!

The Awesome Equipe of Awesomeness!
Well I don't have too much more time so I'll just stop with 2 miracles! Things are so wonderful here in Carcassonne!! I don't know what the Lord has in store for me for next transfer, but one thing I know is that if I stay here, I will be extremely happy. :)

Alma 13:24 - I LOVE THIS SCRIPTURE. It's true that the Lord is truly preparing the hearts of His children to receive the message of the gospel!! But it's up to US to share what we know with everyone that we can! Please please please go out and teach with the missionaries!! I know how much they'll appreciate it. :)

Je vous aime ma famille!!!

Soeur Everett

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