Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Serenity brings eternity." - Soeur Staples (Week 52)

Always the best words of wisdom from my companion. ;)

Dinner at less-actives.  My place had this cup!
What a wonderful week! The best news is that if all goes as planned Raphael will be getting baptized this weekend and Sandra will get baptized the next weekend! We're so excited!!!!!

Okay this is going to have to be a bit shorter because apparently the hours in our internet café changed and we had to relocate and now its late and places are closing. Fin bref. I'll give you the update that I can. :)

I'm not sure if I mentioned last week but on Sunday Raphael approached us and said he wanted to do missionary work with us! Our ward is doing a "40 day fast" where each member has one day  of the 40 days and then on their day they either do missionary work with us or pray for our amis! Its awesomeee. Anyway, Raphael wanted to participate! So on the day that we were going to go out working with him ALL of our plans fell through. Luckily they fell through before we were with him so we could figure out what to do instead. After calling basically everyone we could think of finally Soeur Staples had the inspiration to go visit a lady in our ward who had been hospitalized for a few months and was super lonely. We went with Mama Gentil as well! It was such a great experience. We could tell how much it meant to Sr. Berthon (the lady in the hospital) that we came to visit her. Afterwards Raphael expressed how much it touched him. :) Then on our bus ride home he was talking to EVERYONE. This guy is a better missionary than me people. Man he was so sparked by the whole experience. It was incredible!!!
Sunrise outside our apartment
So the Rodrigues family has been telling us that they had a referral for us. We finally got to go and visit her this week!! This lady is really cool! She's older and a very strong Christian and apparently has met with missionaries before! She seemed to agree with everything we taught her (which is always a good sign.) :) Hopefully she starts progressing! Yay for member referrals!!!

Ok cool miracle. On Saturday we were out passing ancient amis. We tried finding this specific building for like 30 minutes and couldn't find it ANYWHERE. As we were looking we felt like we had seen every single other letter on the other buildings except for A!! Finally we saw someone to ask (this place was practically deserted as far as people walking around went). We go and ask this lady if she knew where batiment A was and she had no clue. Great. We took the opportunity to ask her if she wanted to learn a message about Jesus Christ and she said yes! Just as I was about to get her number she sees her bus coming and takes off running. Without thinking twice I took off running after her and handed her a card as she was getting on the bus. About 30 seconds later SHE CALLED US. This never happens... ever. She told us that she had found the batiment we were looking for! So not only did we get to find what we were looking for for an hour but we also got her number. So in brief, she will be baptized and so will her family. :)
Crowded bus selfie

Also quick news!! We got a new member in the ward for the next 3 months! She is 20 and goes to BYU and from Colorado. She is being a nanny for someone who lives in the next town over! How cool is that???? So now we have someone to teach with us allllll the time. Its awesome.

Okay I am out of time so sorry!!! I read the best talk ever this week and the whole time I was thinking about how much the Lord has blessed with with goodly parents. Read this!

"As parents, we are to be the prime gospel teachers and examples for our children—not the bishop, the Sunday School, the Young Women or Young Men, but the parents. As their prime gospel teachers, we can teach them the power and reality of the Atonement—of their identity and divine destiny—and in so doing give them a rock foundation upon which to build. When all is said and done, the home is the ideal forum for teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christmas present from the Roney's
In the life to come, I do not know if titles such as bishop or Relief Society president will survive, but I do know that the titles of husband and wife, father and mother, will continue and be revered, worlds without end. That is one reason it is so important to honor our responsibilities as parents here on earth so we can prepare for those even greater, but similar, responsibilities in the life to come.

As parents, we can proceed with the assurance God will never leave us alone. God never gives us a responsibility without offering divine aid—of that I can testify. May we in our divine role as parents, and in partnership with God, become the prime gospel teachers and examples for our children, I so pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Thank you mom and dad for being the best parents I could ever imagine having. You've taught me and made me the person I am today. I love you for every lesson I've learned from you - whether by example or in word. Thanking for being Christlike. Thank you for partnering with God as you taught me. The older I get the more I appreciate everything you've done for me. I couldn't love you more!

Bonne semaine! Bisous!

Soeur Ev

PS Pray super hard for Raphael and Sandra!!!!!!

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