Thursday, March 19, 2015

"That's a load of blowfish." - Sr. Skalka (Week 61)

How I felt leaving Cannes
Wahhhhhhhhhh. :'( I'm so sad.... I think I left half of my heart back in Cannes. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent there. What an amazing ward and amazing people and experiences that I had! I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Okay honestly I have no clue where to start with this email! My mind is everywhere and I don't even have my planner from last transfer to see what we even did last week hahaha. I'll share a couple cool miracles though, don't worry. :)

Here I will start off with a really cool tender mercy that Heavenly Father gave to us to end the transfer.

A sad day....
So we were stopping by a less active who wasn't there so we headed over to the bus stop to head over to the Payas for dinner. I sit next to a lady on the bench and start talking to her. She was so sparked... She starts telling me and Soeur Skalka how beautiful we were and we have a conversation about how we're missionaries here and everything. Then she asked us if we wanted to come over the next day! We got her number and set up a RDV for the next day. The miracle is that the RDV actually happened!!!! She told us she had been excited and waiting for us to come all day. (She's this little Italian lady with a super thick accent hahaha. She's cute.) We got there and she started making us this DELICIOUS Italian pasta. She was more happy to have us over than I think I've ever seen! We told her we were both leaving the next day but that we had 2 friends that would love to stop by and visit her and she said of course!! We gave her the "my family" booklet and she was so grateful. Cool way to end a miraculous transfer huh? :)

Saying goodbye to everyone on Sunday was awful... I will give myself some credit that I didn't cry very much, just in my goodbye testimony to the ward. Man it was hard looking out at all of them. My heart is just so full of love for those people. I love when you give a talk or testimony and everyone's eyes are on you. Some of my favorites there (I know its bad to have favorites) were even crying with me. Mehhhhh my heart hurts. :( Luckily we had a meal together at the church with la mission de la paroisse so I was about to be with some of them for a little extra time.

Okay I have to talk about a couple people.
My District
Sandra is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She is at the top of my list. When she found out I was leaving she just cried and cried! When we left each other the last time she could hardly look at me she was so sad.. I LOVE HERRR. Her and Tangi gave me this shirt as a present (I should've taken a picture dang it!!) that says "On vous aime. La familly Tangi" on the back. I love it so much!! She told me she's never going to get attached to a missionary again because its too hard to say goodbye. I told her that the day I'm back in America I would call her. What a blessing it was to teach her.. she is so special.

Speaking of it being a blessing to teach people. Raphael is the best. He got YET ANOTHER calling!! He is now the second counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. This week when we were trying to plan a lesson for him nothing was coming and all of a sudden Soeur Skalka says, "We should have him teach us!!!" It was so inspired. I was amazed at how well he knew how to teach and I was so proud of him... Also he helped us with our super heavy suitcases on moving day. On Sunday night when I asked if he would help us he was like "Of course! Especially because that means I get to see you one last time. :)"

I'm gonna miss my recent converts! :'(

And then of course Elizabete, Leony and Kleina. Its always the worst with investigators when they don't really know anything about how missionaries leave. They had no clue that would happen! Leony (who speaks a little bit of English) yelled "Why!!! I need you!!!" hahaha. They are so wonderful. I'm sure they'll be baptized this transfer. They are my miracle family. I'm so grateful for them.

Why am I so blessed???? Why!? The second half of my mission has been nothing but joy. Honestly... only good things ever happen to me. I have amazing companions, amazing investigators, amazing members, beautiful cities. It just doesn't ever stop being wonderful!

Okay, quick shout out to Sr. Skalka. She was such a huge blessing to me last transfer. I can't imagine not having been together. She taught me so much about being happy no matter how hungry, tired, or annoyed you are. She is a ball of sunshine and has never-ending light and energy. When we parted on the train that was only the second time I ever saw her cry. (By the way I spent about 6 hours alone with an elder on the train ride to Toulouse hahahaa that was weird.) She is an angel. I want to be more like her one day.

Soeur Christensen
Anyway! Now I'm here in Montauban! I can't get over how stinkin adorable it is. My new companion is probably annoyed by me constantly saying "It's so cute here!!" haha. By the way my companion is basically perfect too. What in the world. She's a blue (of course, I have trained my entire mission hahaha) and she's from Edmonton Canada!! Her name is Soeur Camrie Christensen.  Her French is really great and she is a wonderful teacher. We're going to have an awesome transfer together!

I'll just share this since it happened today. So there is this 18 year old we met with today named Elodie. She is 18 and just had a baby out of wedlock. She grew up in the church as a foster child in a member home but the mother had gone out of the church and didn't let the kids get baptized unless they decided to at 18. Elodie spent quite awhile away from the church but after having her baby she decided she needed to come back. Just about 2 months ago she started coming to church again. Today when we met with her she told us she wanted to be baptized!!!!!!!!! We set a date with her for April 11th! We have to teach her all the lessons but I think it will be easier seeing as she has a background in the church. I'm so excited (and yet again blessed) to teach her! She's so cute! And so is her baby haha. :)

Okay running out of time and I need to get out and get to work in this little magic ville. I love you!! Send me mail, that would be fun!

3 allée de l'empereur
Montauban 82000

Soeur Ev

P.S. More pictures of my beloved friends from Cannes below.


Dinner after Church in Cannes

Dorian Vivier

Soeur Skalka

Famille Perez

Miracle Italian lady from Sunday night

Elizabete Leony and Kleina


Eveque Vivier

Kiwa and Hugo and Elizabete

Mama Gentil



Sandra and Tangi


Soeur Rodriguez

Soeur Vivier

Sr Fily

Sr Nancy Berthon

Stella Gentil


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