Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"You change your mind like a girl changes clothes." - Elder Garside (Week 60)

Soeur Hall
Super super super great week! (Except when do I ever send an email that says I had a bad week...life is too good.)

Okay, well I have a ton of things to do during this email time so just forewarning you all that this is probably going to be shorter than normal... desolé!!

I have some super sick miracles to share with you though!!

I will share one that happened just a couple days ago. When we shared it with our district leader he told us that it may or may not have been the sickest miracle he's ever heard on his mission. Are you ready??

Sisters of the Nice Zone
I'm sure you forget about the story I told you last week about Jacqueline so I will just recap really quickly. We met this lady in the park after the person we were supposed to have a RDV with didn't show up. So while we started talking to her about her family she started to really open up to us and told us that she was super alone and that all of her close family were dead. We put our arms around her as she cried and when we prayed she told us that she would call us if her health got any better. Well guess what? Two days ago we got a call from a random number during language study and IT WAS HER!!!! (I don't think you all understand how rare it is that someone actually calls US when we meet them.) She told us that after she had met us she was happy for the first time in a long time. She said that her morale had gone way up. When she went to the doctor the following day apparently he told her "I don't know what happened, but your health is doing incredibly better." What's even better is that Jacqueline told us that she knew it was because we had prayed for her that God is blessing her with better health! She told us that she would call us soon so that we could see her! So cool huh??

My cute little companion
Okay, here's a silly miracle but I loved it. We were at the Antibes chapel about to make lunch and then realized we didn't have a single pot to make rice or beans in... (The Antibes chapel isn't being used so there's like nothing in it.) While everyone was trying to figure out what to do me and Soeur Skalka were like "Well we'll just go porte for one!" So off we went to knock on doors. Not even kidding. The first person that answered the door was American and she told us that of course we could borrow her pot! The whole ordeal took all of 5 minutes and everyone was shocked that we succeeded so fast haha. Heavenly Father is so good to us.

This week Raphael told us he wanted to spend an entire day with us! So we did it! He is incredible. He talks to everyone! We had a wonderful day. After we had done some work we went to the church to have a RDV with him and Sandra and Tangi. It was one of my favorite moments of my mission. We were talking about following the prophet and my two amazing recent converts were just testifying to each other how they know the church is true and how much it blesses them!  I just wanted to cry the entire time.... I love them both so much!!!

I love her
Okay, another super cool miracle! So remember how I said there was a girl from Colorado who moved into our ward for a few months? Well she is being a nanny here for this most adorable family. Well Natalie is the most amazing missionary ever and she got us a RDV to come over and teach this family she is nannying for! Everyone. This family is the most Mormon family ever without being Mormon. They have a mini van with one of those stick figure windshield things with their family on it. Doesn't get more Utah Mormon than that!! ;) The wife had so many questions for us! We ended up giving the entire Restoration lesson and talked about the Book of Mormon and pioneers and the church's name and the Priesthood, etc etc. It was incredible. Afterwards the husband refused to let us take the bus home and offered to take us all the way to our house...how great are they?? I think it'll be slowly, but they will love the church when they get to know it better.

An adorable little village called Valbonne
Okay, update for Elizabete and Leony. They are still amazing and both of them are spiritually ready for baptism!! There have been just a couple complications that came up. So since Elizabete is divorced, Leony's father still has rights over her which means that she needs to get his permission in order to be baptized. They both think its extremely unlikely that he will say yes, but we all know the power God has to soften people's hearts! I think we just need to pray. One other complication is that their living situation right now isn't cohesive with the qualifications for baptism. (We hadn't realized it.) So Elizabete needs to find a new apartment before she can be baptized. The odds are extremely against her being able to get the apartment before this Saturday but Soeur Skalka and I believe in miracles and we just need to have enough faith and this is going to happen! We need as many prayers as humanly possible. In Soeur Skalka's words: "We need to pray harder than we ever have in our entire life." When we told Elizabete that she couldn't get baptized until she found a new apartment she understood but she broke down crying saying how much she was looking forward to it and how much she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. We figure that Christ healed people paralyzed from birth, made the blind see, and even raised the dead, so why not help Elizabete to find an apartment? Let's pray!!

Okay, I gotta go. I love you all so much!


Soeur Ev

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