Monday, April 6, 2015

"Just being around you is making my hair curlier!" - Sr. Christensen (Week 64)

It's true. Her hair has literally gotten curlier since I've been here....

did morning studies here one day this week... made it a bit harder to look at my scriptures ;)
Great week!! (But aren't they all?) I actually have less time than usual because we were out with members and Elodie alllll day long! But thats ok I will try to get through everything as quick as I can!

our ami Marc took us around the city Cahors - super gorgeous
First of all, wasn't General Conference AMAZING!? I especially loved the prophet's talk (although I'm sure we all did). I know that I have found clarity and peace as I've been in the temple and I can't wait to be there again. I loved when he quoted the young man who was about to go back on his mission when he said that after that experience "I knew not that all would be well" - isn't that so comforting. In attending the temple we can truly come to feel that all will be well in life. Being in the temple just puts everything into perspective. I would hope that those of you who DO have the opportunity to go often to DO IT. I know that when I get back that is at the top of my list of goals.

look at this super cool bridge in Cahors...
 A couple news events... We have a new engagé! His name is James. He is absolutely wonderful... We had asked a member to come and teach with us (a young adult in the ward who is currently preparing for his mission). We hadn't realized that James wasn't a native French speaker and therefore needed the lessons given in English... Poor Gabriel was caught totally off-guard. It was amazing though hearing him bear his testimony of the gospel and the importance of baptism in English. It took a lot of humility for him to do that and we were all so grateful! James told us that he didn't know why he ever stopped meeting with the missionaries - because he liked our church so much better than his own. He asked us to pray for his wife that she would want to come and join him here with us! Cool right??

this is where we live. so cute huh?
making fries... we're so healthy
Remember when I told you about that man that randomly came to church my first Sunday here with his cousin from Toulon? Well we FINALLY got to meet with him! I thought maybe he was ignoring our calls but turns out he had just been in Paris visiting family and he was super willing to fix a rdv! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read it - he even told us that his cousin had given him a book on the Restoration and that he had enjoyed that and that he would definitely read this one! He took us on a tour of his ADORABLE city named Cahors. I love love loved it. It had a super old (1100s??? check me on that) that was gorgeous - I mean look at the photos!! He's a kind man. He's not the most ready person I've ever taught but I think with time and love from the branch he will soften! He definitely saw the difference in the life of his cousin when he joined the church, so that will play a big role in his conversion I think.

I ATE ESCARGOT!!!!!! (it actually was pretty good......)
Ok break from amis for a funny story.

I also ate cuisses de grenouille (frog legs)
On Saturday I went to the room to take my nap. Yes mother, I still take my 20 minute naps faithfully. :) So I had been "asleep" for all of 30 seconds when I hear Sr. Christensen chuckle beside me. I flip over and open my eyes and she had been crawling through the whole that separates our bedroom and kitchen in hopes not to wake me up so she could grab her journal! She was obviously never going to be able to reach her journal from all the way up there but she was so determined to not disturb me. She couldn't take the hilarity (is that a word?) of the situation and lost her composure. Not quite a ninja yet. ;) This describes her personality so well.

Let's see... Oh Marthe! This week she asked us if she could have another copy of the Book of Mormon because she wanted to give it to her daughter! WHAT. She's so adorable! She lovessss the Book of Mormon. But we really need the Spirit to help soften her to accept teachings that don't agree with the ones she has previously been taught. I have so much hope for her though.

We went and saw a castle in Bruniquel today! 
Elodie is sooooo great. I love her immensely and I've only known her for 3 weeks!! Funny how that happens. She is a sweet-heart and she is going to be a great addition to this branch. I'll add more on her next week when I tell about her baptism. :)

Ok I'll end with another story...

Ma collègue :)

This week we had zone conference and we had the STL's sleeping over at our apartment. When we went for our morning run we left the keys at home because we decided it would be dumb to lock them into the apartment... What we forgot was that we wouldn't have a way to get IN to our building after our run... We didn't have our phone and our buzzer to our apartment doesn't work. Sr. Christensen goes and grabs pebbles and starts chucking them up to our window in hopes they'll hear. After a couple minutes of that I realized that praobably wasn't going to work haha. I scanned the streets and there was NO ONE. I decided to say a prayer (we had forgotten up to this point...). Then I see this man walking a bit away. I shouted and ran to him (hahah realizing now how weird I probably seemed...) I asked him if we could use his phone. (Luckily Sr. C has our number memorized.) We called and no answer... :( Sr C went back to throwing pebbles. Then our window opens and there is Soeur Koyle!!!!!! She said she heard our phone ring and got nervous so she felt like she should look out the window (wish it would've been because of the rock throwing...haha). The guy even called a bit later to make sure we got in ok. :) I love Montauban.

Ok thats about it for today! I love you!
Soeur Ev

Cute little village of Bruniquel!
This is Nohlan - Elodie's baby

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