Monday, June 1, 2015

"Jog?! That was blinkin the fastest I've ever run!" - Soeur Sutcliffe (Week 71)

I was the only one in the room who didn't get an iPad
Holy cow I don't even know if I will be able to focus on writing this e-mail... it's like an enormous under-taking because I have a TONN to write about!!!

Okay, first of all, the final verdict for Ladislav's baptism. He still wants to get baptized as soon as possible but its going to have to be pushed back for another couple weeks while he gets all sorts of problems that Satan is throwing out him sorted out. (You would be so astounded if you knew everything he had going on right now....this family is so strong.) But the great news is that he is still going to be baptized and I really think the whole family will be baptized and sealed together with a little bit of time. :) The wife even expressed for the first time her desire to be baptized!!!! So cool right?? We just have to be patient with Heavenly Father's timing. :)

Elder photo bomb

Wait let me explain the title!!! So we were going to go take a bus out somewhere this week and we're walking all tranquille because we still have like 5 minutes before we needed to be there and then we see the bus come EARLY! There was no way we would make it to the stop so we sprinted to the stop that was up the street. I will never forget the serious face Soeur Sutcliffe made when she realized we needed to run and wanting to inspire me she yelled "WE CAN DO THIS." We booked it up the street and when we got there we realized that the bus had been waiting for 5 minutes at the other stop when we thought it was early. -_- I jokingly said, "well at least that was a nice jog" to which Sr. Sutcliffe responded "Jog??? That was blinkin the fastest I've ever run 100 meters in my life!!!" hahahah

I love this place. :)

So guess what? WE GOT IPADS!!! Well actually I didn't get an iPad, but its okay. Soeur Sutcliffe having one is basically like me having one. Its been really cool and soooo convenient. What's even better though is that a lot of the time we totally forget that we even have one. We've only used it a few times this week, but I can tell that its really going to help the work here! I sent a video of the zone conference when we got the iPads and I was sitting there while everyone else in the room was looking down at their iPads and all I wanted to do was talk to someone! It was so boring!!!!!! I think it made me realize even more how much better talking with people when you're around them than being on technology really is haha.

Ok ok ok. I can't focus on this right now...

We exercise so much....

Here's a cool continued miracle from last week. :) So remember the nose-bleed story and how we met Soeur Hoxy's cousin?? Well this week we set a RDV to go to Chinese together and I wasn't sure if she would really come because we invited her a bit in passing...but SHE CAME. And not only did she come... SHE BROUGHT HER DAUGHTER!!! She was the sweetest girl ever. She's 16 and tall and gorgeous (she's half nouvelle calédonienne). We told them all about the Book of Mormon and even got her number so we can hopefully go over this week and make pasteries! It was super super cool... So blessed.

It was SO HOT this day (kind of glad I'm missing summer here..haha)

Okay, so I sent home a picture of this moment but Soeur Sutcliffe and I found ourselves one day with ALLLL of our plans canceled and in the baking heat. We thought we might die. We had just passed by one of our old amis who wasn't there and then we sat down to figure things out. We decided we should probably pray and figure out what to do. Just then we get a text from the zone leaders with a whole list of things we needed to get done THAT day. It filled the rest of our day up and we didn't have to contact for hours in the heat and get heat stroke!

It's been cool this week. I won't explain in detail because I don't want to make myself seem more charitable than I really am haha, but I just barely started roney pattern-ing charity. (Roney pattern is basically just taking a Christ-like attribute studying it and then making goals to be more like it and then doing it!) Heavenly Father has really blessed me as I've been looking for opportunities to give of myself and be an answer to people's silent prayers. I've had a lot of small but sacred experiences with it this week. I love that feeling you get when you can tell you were a living angel for someone. Pray for me to be able to have more of these my last week! All I want to do this week is to love everyone! I've found so often that all that people need is to feel loved sometimes. So that's my main goal for this last week.

Soeur Hoxy
Frère Perez made us Paella!!!
Okay, one last strange little answered prayer. So yesterday we had 2 mangez-vous in a row... We ate a TONNN at the Perez's and then literally straight after we had to go to the Dieutre's to eat again when we already felt sick. We had about 5 minutes between the two to drop some stuff off at home and we layed on the floor in pain for a couple minutes then headed over to the church to get picked up. As we left the apartment I said a prayer that we wouldn't be too sick tonight and that we'd make it through the second mangez-vous without offending anyone! Haha. We got to their house and then Frère Dieutre gets a call and has to go in for an emergency something or other to fix someones something (it was for work I think). In the end this gave us a whole extra HOUR before we had to eat. I couldn't believe it. We were able to eat everything without throwing it back up. Heavenly Father answers prayers!!! Even when its about needing to eat a ton of food!!!

Well I can't believe this but this is my last e-mail! So weird. I just wanted to end with a scripture I read this morning in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 28:24. It says, 

Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!

I love this family. [Les Dieutre]

So simple but you know what I took from this? We should never be okay with where we are in our progression towards exaltation. We have SUCH long ways to go to get to perfection and we need to constantly work to be better. We can't afford to be "at ease in Zion". Same goes for me ending my getting trunky for me! ;)

I love you so much! See you in a week! AH!!
Soeur Ev

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