Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"C'est fatigant de gagner" - Jonas (Week 70)

Best patisserie of my whole life... mmmmmmmmm
I can't believe time is going by so quickly!!! I've got two weeks... let me assure you that I plan to make them count. I can already tell that my mission is going to end with a bang.

This week started off really hard. We'd been having a lot of issues with contacting. We felt like we would try to stop like 100 people in a day and only 5 would talk to us. I've never had such a hard time with contacting!!! It was weird...but later we could tell that it was a test of our faith. During goal-setting for weekly planning we decided to try to exercise more faith. By the end of the week we were seeing miracles like CRAZY. Not to mention people finally started talking to us!! Goes to show that Heavenly Father is in control of everything, not us.

This is Franceska (Ladislav's daughter) - isn't she the cutest!?
We started off with an exchange with our lovely STL's. They are both way more mature than their age shows...(not to mention one goes to Stanford and the other Harvard). I love love love them. On Tuesday I went to the back side of a boulangerie for the first time! It was super cool... They had a mixing bowl the size of a baptismal font and there were like 500 baguettes scattered everywhere. It was like heaven... (I'll have to tell you the story of how we got back there another time...) but the lady wouldn't even let us buy a baguette in the end because it was closed. :( torture haha

So we have some cool new people to teach and some really cool miracles that happened this week. I'm just gonna have to start diving in the best I can!

I think I told you about Thimoté the other week? The one who we stopped in the road and he told us that he had just prayed to be guided in his walk that evening and then met us?? Well we had a real lesson with him this week at the chapel and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had teaching the restoration. We watched the video and I had chills all over and even teared up (and I've seen that movie like 100 times). Soeur Sutcliffe told me that he was just smiling the entire time. At the end he told us that the Spirit had given him the confirmation that the church is true!!!! He told us he wants to be baptized!!!!! EEEE

Soeur Hoxy's sister!
Also this week we met with Jonas! (The husband of an inactive in the ward named Linda - both Tahitian.) We ate home-made ice cream sandwiches - it was their first time and they found the whole thing hilarious. Then we played the weirdest game ever where we made animal noises and actions and whatnot and for some reason all of us were just DYING of laughter. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time!!! After the funnest RDV ever, we gave them our spiritual thought and we talked about the 2000 stripling warriors and about parenting. (Linda is pregnant.) At one point in the lesson Jonas told us that he wanted his children to be baptized in our church. We asked him if he saw himself getting baptized one day and he said yes!!!!! Linda gave him a look and was like "ah bon???" I don't think she even knew that. How cool is that?? Also she came to church the second week in a row!!!! (She hadn't been for a few months.)


Ok here's a strange story for you. So I have this cold and I have to blow my nose all the time right? Well since I blow my nose a lot I've been getting nose bleeds like several times a day (sorry this is gross). On Thursday we had planned to go and pass by Soeur Hoxy (an inactive we're working with). Just as we're about to get there my nose starts bleeding like crazy!! We go and knock on her door... no answer. Again. No answer. Again. No answer. Usually we would've left by now but I really needed to take care of my nose and Soeur Sutcliffe really wanted to get in so she pounds on the door as if its the police. THEN SHE ANSWERED. The first thing I did was show her my tissue full of blood and asked if I could use her bathroom hahaha. I honestly don't think we would've gotten in otherwise. She told us later that she usually doesn't open the door when she has people over but when she heard the loud thumping she thought it sounded serious haha. And guess what? HER SISTER WAS THERE. We had a lesson in the presence and her sister was asking us alllll sorts of questions and really opening up to us! We set another RDV to go get chinese together next weekend! Who would've thought that a bloody nose would ever be a blessing??

I love me some Slovakian food (thats Frère Van Tonder next to me :)
Alright... here's the best part of the week. Earlier during the week we went and met with Ladislav and had a serious talk about baptism and whatnot. He told us he really wanted to focus on his wife at the moment and that there was just too much going on. We decided to move the baptism back to July until after the baby was born and things settled down a bit. About 2 days later we get a call from Fr. Van Tonder asking us if we could come see him at the church for a minute so we could talk about Ladislav. He told us he had just been over to his house and that after having met with us he prayed and prayed about the date he should get baptized and he told Fr. Van Tonder that he didn't want to wait any longer. He wanted to get baptized as soon as possible!!!! HES GETTING BAPTIZED ON JUNE 6TH!!!! But wait. There's more. For the first time in months.......his inactive mother-in-law, his wife, Thomas, Franceska, and Ladislav ALL CAME TO CHURCH TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!! We just about cried!! Huge miracle. And get this. Apparently the little kids were the ones that woke up the parents so they could all go to church together. It was amazing.

Soeur Sutcliffe likes Slovakian food too
I'm seriously so stoked about how everything is going right now. I couldn't be happier with the work and what we get to do! I feel so much love for and from the branch. :)

Ok so I found a cool scripture this week while I was reading the New Testament. Its Mark 7:15

There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.

I love them
I've been thinking about the things that I say. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I complain too much especially knowing how much the Lord has blessed me in my life. And I also wonder if maybe sometimes I could be more patient with those I love and be kinder to them. I think this is something we could all probably work on. Let's try to be a little kinder this week!

Je vous aime!
Soeur Ev

PS Pray for Ladislav!!! Satan isn't going to ease up at all trying to keep him from baptism so lets really pray for him to have the strength to make it all the way to June 6th!

Selfie with Franceska
Our favorite street. :)

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