Monday, January 6, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Week 28)

Oh my heck I can't believe how fast time is flying!!! It's already 2014 - so crazy. What. A. Week. This week has felt super long and super short at the same time. Sooo much has happened.

Well on Wednesday it the birthday of one of our less active families. We made her cream puffs for her birthday and then didn't end up having time to go out to her house because we missed the bus. It just so happened that she was going to the castle for dinner that night with her husband (perfect date? yes..). So we ended up walking to the castle (great excuse to go up there huh?) and we gave her the cream puffs!! But the best part of all this is that we were in a part of Carcassonne that we hardly ever go to, especially to contact people. We could feel that there was a reason we were up there so we said a prayer to find a miracle and started walking. I'm not kidding you, the first person we stop on the street was with his 2 kids and said that he has a friend who is mormon and has always wanted to learn about the religion! He asked US if we had time that night to teach him and his family. So voila, we taught him the restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon and now him and his family are going to meet with the missionaries in Paris. :)

Another miracle.. the other day we stopped by Sooana (the old tahitian man) - we couldn't go in because he was sick and he couldn't come out because he was sick... so we talked in the doorway. Afterwards we asked him to pray for us while we porte-ed the neighborhood. Backtrack to earlier that day when Soeur Reichelt and I were doing some good old 12 week. We watched a bunch of cheesy videos on family history and missionary work and then went out and started working. So while we were porte-ing we met this woman named "Anne Marie" - she's portuguese but wasn't interested in the gospel (yet). So just as she was saying she didn't want to hear more Soeur Reichelt asks her if she wanted to search for her ancestors. Everything was the coolest thing. She all of the sudden opened up to us and said that interested her. Then we talked for a while more and she asked if we wanted to come and speak English with her son. YESS. I love these kinds of service opportunities. After that we've been using genealogy pass-along cards and asking people if they want to search for their ancestors like crazy and its working so well!!! I guess 12 weeks is inspired or something haha

So on Friday - Saturday we did an exchange with Aix-en-Provence (literally on the other side of France - not sure who came up with the idea to put us together). But we had such a great exchange!!! I got to work with Soeur Pape, who I have heard so much about but have never actually really met. We are so similar and we worked SO well together! I loved doing missionary work with her. So on Friday Frère Vanaquer set up an entire day for us and drove us everywhere. He's so awesome. He brought us to a less active's house that lives really far, but really really needed us. And then he brought us to a non-member couple's house!! These friends of his that he really wants to accept the gospel (they aren't ready yet, but it was a good chance to talk a bit!!) Then on Saturday I literally got on a train at 1030 in the morning and we arrived back in Carcassonne at 9:45 at night.. traveled ALL DAY. I'm exhausted again just thinking about it haha

I've been thinking a lot about why people don't accept the gospel - especially when I know how much joy it brings me. Here is a SUPER cheesy analogy. This morning all of us sisters were looking out the window at the GORGEOUS sunrise that we get to see every single morning and we were just in awe. We looked down at the street and literally no one was even noticing that it was there. Soeur Caldwell yelled down from the window at a random man walking by "REGARDEZ" and then pointed at the sky, he glanced for a second and then laughed and walked away. Then I think about all the people who won't even stop to listen to us to see if MAYBE this is true. It's kind of like the beautiful sunrise. We can see SO clearly that this is the most beautiful part of our lives and we know what joy it brings but some people just aren't ready right now to receive it. All we can do is keep yelling at people down below to look at the sunrise until someone finally sees it how we do. :) SOOO cheesy, but I wanted to share it anyway!

Well family, I pray for you!! Pray for us that we will find a family who lives here that we can teach (we've passed 5 families that we've found to other missionaries so far this transfer haha). 

Love you so much!!
Soeur Everett

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