Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 2 in Pau!! (Week 32)

Holy moly is this going to be one miraculous transfer... because the opposition is HUGE. I don't even know what to write about this week seeing as we couldn't do much because I felt like dying most of it...

Soaking wet.  It rains every single day.

I've been sick the entire week.  Boooo....

I got sick on Tuesday night (after being out ALL day long and having everything except our last rdv fall through) and I have felt sick ever since. I think its starting to get better, but I'm so worn out from being sick that any physical exercise I exort brings me back to feeling terrible. (I thought I was completely healed on Sunday, then after church all of my energy was completely drained and I was back to feeling sick again.) Its been horrible - but can I just say how lucky I am to be with Soeur Bagley?? She is an angel. I will now devote an entire paragraph to her.

Our favorite food
My dearest companion

Soeur Bagley is sent to me from heaven. We were best friends in the pre-existence, I'm sure of it. She knows exactly what I need to be happy and she is so sensitive to my needs. This week as I've been sick she has cleaned the apartment, cooked for me, and she's been on-the-minute obedient with the morning schedule, even while I've been sleeping (WHAT - talk about virtue). She even does comp study opening song and prays for the prayer list alone. She is wonderful. She also knows how to crack me up... she says and does the funniest things, it keeps our spirits up. :) She has been so good to me this past week, she knows how I feel because when she first got to Pau she got sick too.  We can talk for hours, and we never get tired of each other! I just love her. The other day she said the funniest thing.. I have no idea what we were even talking about but I suggested that we go and do something and she responds "There is no way in the Telestial Kingdom that I'm doing that." I laughed for about 10 minutes (still laughing about it). The members love her too. Man I could go on forever..

Zone Training!!!! (I love Soeur Bayles!!!!)
So good to see Soeur Beeny!

Ok let me talk about the Leangs. I LOVE this family - they are definitely a tender mercy for me because I miss my old DMP Frère Vital who would always make us nems. And now I have a new family to make me nems! I feel right at home with them. This week we spent a lot of time with them because they invited us to dinner, we went over and helped them make nems for the ward party, and then the ward party that was a HUGE hit!!! We had SOO many potential amis there it was incredible! The ward is on fire with missionary work, let me tell you. Sooo many people brought their friends. It was a really really good activity - best I think I've ever been to! And they're having another in February (like a talent show thingy, I'm so pumped!!)

The Leangs making 600 nems for Chinese New Year

We love nems!

As far as amis go I don't really know who to talk about. We say a few people this week, but I don't have a TON to say! Things will really pick up this week, I assure you all!!!! I'm feeling progressively better, so Pau is going to explode I know it!!

As for a thought this week I've been thinking about D&C 84:88 - we should all notice better the angels that are surrounding us! The Lord promises to send them to help us, and I can definitely feel them near.

Love you!!!

Soeur Everett

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