Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What. a. week. (Week 35)

I don't even know where to start with this week. Seriously sometimes I think about everything that has happened the past two weeks and I start to doubt that all of it really happened. Here we go.
Our daily selfie
First of all a huge miracle not having to do with missionary work. On my way home from my exchange in Toulouse (SOOO fun by the way!!!) I accidently left my overnight bag on the bus between Tarbes and Pau. (SERIOUSLY!? I was so mad at myself.) I noticed right as we were walking away from the bus, but by the time we turned around the bus was gone and we couldn't figure out where it had gone.... we searched for like 2 hours trying to find where they went or someone who could call the bus station or SOMETHING and everyone was super rude to us and no one would help.. so eventually we gave up. I was completely devastated. I don't know if many other things have ever been more devestating than losing that bag - it had my French and English scriptures, my Preach My Gospel I've used my whole mission, and my study journal. I tried my best to kind of just let it go and rationalize that I would be able to replace everything I lost (again...) So on our way into ville later that day we contacted this man on the bus who had just lost his phone earlier that day. He was SO nice and offered to help us!! He went to a restaurant where all his friends were and all of them started calling people left and right - doing I don't even know what. Eventually they told us "ok we gave them your number so if they find anything they will call you." WHAT - no one would help us all day and then all of a sudden everything was figured out for us! Well... no one called. I went to bed so heartbroken. The next day I felt better about the whole thing. But in the middle of district meeting I get a call from a random number - THEY FOUND MY BAG!!!! We literally ran out of district meeting right then and went into town before the bus left (sorry Elder Erikson...haha). AH it was such a huge miracle... and such an answer to prayers.
One of my lost bags returned!

Exchanges in Toulouse
 I don't even know where to start with missionary work.... spoiler alert - we now have 3 engagés. WHAT!!!
So this week we get a call from a man named Ephrem (has to be golden with a name like that...) When we were on exchange a couple weeks ago with the STL's Soeur Bagley and Soeur Hulme talked to this man briefly before they had a train (they ended up missing the train by a couple minutes because they talked to him). So they gave him a card and he said he would call. (Seriously though, when people say "I'll call you" they never do.) BUT HE CALLED. We had a RDV with him and I was seriously in shock the entire time. He said "After you gave me that card I couldn't get the thought out of my head that I needed to call. Finally I did and I immediately knew it was a good decision." During the lesson he was completely enthralled. He loved everything we said. At the end he said, "So when can I get baptized?" WHAT. We set a date right then and there.  HE IS SO GOLDEN. At church on Sunday he told us "I really feel like the BOM is the word of God and that this is really the path for me." AH! And he's like immediately integrated because we have lots of members from the Congo and they all speak the same language. (They invited him over this week and didn't invite us....) YAY SO EXCITED!!!
District trip to Lourdes
With Soeur Bagley in Lourdes
Vako!!! The Russian who came to church last Sunday. Direct quote from him "I respect every religion, but I really like yours the best." We asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said - "yes I feel like that is the good path for me." :)
Notre Dame de Lourdes
Me in Lourdes
We had a super awesome miracle coordonnée this week too!! From our ward missionary Julienne (she is so amazing.) Her name is Anglea. She is from the Congo and her son is friends with Julienne's son. Anyway!! Somehow they got in contact with eachother over the phone and Julienne invited her to church!!! We are going over this week to see her with Julienne! Eee!

My boots are now repaired!
THE SPECTACLE!!! It went SO WELL. We had lots of non-members there and lots of less actives and it was just super fun and everyone loved it! We had these three professional opera singers come and sing as well (I was dying it was so amazing - I attached one of the videos on dropbox!) Afterwards I think maybe 4 or 5 old French ladies grabbed me out of my conversations I was in and bised me telling me how great I did. Hahahaha so funny. (side note not to put on the blog: the man who i attached a video of on dropbox afterwards he told me "c'était étonnant - vous avez une TRES jolie voix" AHHHH best compliment I've ever received.)

Spectacular Spectacular!

One last super cool miracle! So last week when we were going through ancient amis we found the Mwmambas (I wrote Lulumbas last week haha). We ended up passing them again this week and we went with Julienne because we were going to do some other passes as well. When we got there shes like "These are my friends!!!!!!!" Me and Soeur Bagley were like "What???" Then when we got in we realized that they had been at the spectacle on friday and that they are actually RELATED to members in our ward!!!!! They were so happy to see us! Yesterday when we were at Soeur Mwmamba's house she told us that next week she wanted to host an FHE and invite them over! Whoohoo!!

Well seriously the work here is going so well. I'm beyond happy about everything - I'm super anxious to see what happens with transfers!! I change my mind about what is going to happen about every 30 minutes.

Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur!!!

Soeur Everett

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