Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"You can rationaliz​e your way to hell" - Soeur Bagley

There's really no good explanation for the quote in the subject line... she just makes me laugh haha.

This is going to be a good email, prepare yourselves. :)

Soeur Bagley decided to get artistic for our photo of the day :)

Her annoying umbrella finally broke!

I can't wait, I'm starting with the best miracle this week! So there is an eternal ami here in Pau named Michael. (I think I've mentioned him a little before.) He has been seeing the missionaries since June. He has read the entire Book of Mormon twice and he comes to church every Sunday. His fiche pretty much says that he has no desire to know the truth because he doesn't believe in God, but I just really felt like it wasn't true! So we asked him if we could meet with him (everyone said he would never do it, but he agreed super easily...) When we met we boldly invited him to be baptized. He was taken by surprise. He said that no missionary has ever invited him to be baptized before (WHAT - come on people!!) He said he wasn't sure if he had enough faith to be baptized. We promised him that his desire to know the truth would lead him to get the answer he was seeking. He agreed to pray for the 1st of March as a baptismal date!!!! SEND PRAYERS HIS WAY!!!

Writing letters on the train

There have been SO many tender mercies this week, I don't even know what to tell you!! I think we've been really blessed in the work even though I haven't been able to do hardly anything because I'm still sick.
Frere Leang!!!!! hes so adorable.. he likes wearing his son's old plaque :)
So my first week here we ran into this adorable Cambodian family but we didn't have enough time to talk because they had to get off the bus (hate that!!) So I prayed in my heart that we would see them again if they were ready for the gospel. Then VOILA - as we were walking to a members house one day to do splits there they were!!!! They were so excited to see us. :) We got her number and told her we'd call her. :) Wait, its not over yet. At church we were talking to the Leang's because they are Cambodian. Apparently they are BEST FRIENDS with this family. WHAT. We're having an FHE together on Tuesday!!! So excited!!!
We always take the wrong buses (Exhibit 234674)
So lately I've been studying meekness - something that we forget about often. It has been so good to study though and so so interesting. If you want a good read, read this: . But there are so many characteristics that fall under "meekness" that we hardly ever think about. One adjective that I just love to describe it is "serene" - wouldn't you love it if someone used that word to describe you?? Anyway, here's another tender mercy. So at church on Sunday we had someone visiting from the Stake Presidency. When I found out he was speaking about meekness I just about cried from excitement. Afterwards I thanked him for his talk and he told me "yeah I was trying to write a talk on something else and it just wouldn't come. As soon as I switched though the words just flowed out." Seriously, the talk was for me. Another tender mercy. :)
Oh my heck time is running low!! I need to type faster!!
Sister Training Leaders
So this week I got to do an exchange with Soeur Stevens - she is AMAZING. She is the missionary I want to be. I was so blessed to have that time with her (I really hope we get to be companions someday!) I love how she is always talking to people and making them feel the love of God. She is literally ALWAYS happy! I don't know how she does it! Another thing I love about her is that she makes everyone feel loved, and its always genuine. Its never the fake "i love you," all the sisters she is over can feel how much she really does love each one of us. That's something I want to be good at. We had an amazing time together and saw so many miracles!! OH one miracle that happened when we were together just super fast! So I don't know if I've ever mentioned Bonine.. he's a potential that we've had SO much opposition with! We accidentally tombez-vous-ed (dumped) HIM twice... ugh it still hurts to think about it. But for some reason HE CALLED US. We have a third chance!!!!! I know he's got to be golden.. we'll see tomorrow!!!
Ok one last thing... I changed my favorite scripture (maybe, I'm still debating). Its super super similar to the old one (2 Nephi 2:24) but I just fell in love with it!! Its D&C 58:3. So good.
The Bonet's daughter - SHES SO CUTE
Wow, what a frantic email!!! I hope to have tons of miracles to share next week! (Also hope I get better soon....)

Soeur Everett

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