Monday, March 3, 2014

"Sister, I gotta humility you this transfer!" - Sr. Bagley

Wow. So much to talk about from this week! Things are on fire over here in Pau 3. GOOD THING WE'RE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!! WHOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
Dramatization of the transfer call
We saw so so so many fruits of our labors from this week. Where to start???

Our amis are doing so well!!! We had Ephrem, Angela, Michael, and Paqueline at church this Sunday! Plus like every single less active that we worked with! Relief Society was PACKED full of people!! Me and Soeur Bagley were dying of happiness.

Good 'ole Leangs
So let me talk about Soeur Mwmamba for a little bit... she is incredible!! We had not one...but THREE mangez-vous with her this week. WHAT. I think she's just wanting to have the missionaries close right now because this is the time of year her husband passed away 3 years ago. She is just amazing - so strong and so loving.

Another creepy candid shot...
Miracle! So this week we were planning on passing Berlang (the Cambodian that has 2 kids). We hadn't gotten a Cambodian Book of Mormon yet to bring to her and she doesn't speak French well, so she didn't understand hardly anything we said to her. BUT out of nowhere we thought to text the Tarbes sisters and see if they had anything in Cambodian. Turns out.... THEY DID. We had literally searched for WEEKS. And they have a Cambodian member who apparently wrote a super awesome testimony in Cambodian in the front :) So we went to pass her and THEY HAD FRIENDS OVER. CAMBODIAN FRIENDS. Turns out that Berlang can't read Cambodian, BUT now we have TWO Cambodian families to teach. :) Later that week we saw Kim (second Cambodian mom) on a bus and she said she had talked to her husband about meeting us and and he was super excited because he thought mormons were so nice!! :)

Companion study time

Michael!!! Super big news this week!!! He texted us during the week and told us he had decided to be baptized!!!! (Thanks for writing him that letter,'re the best.) He said that he only wants to do it if its going to mean something to him. Which makes total sense! We'll talk to him more about it, but I think that mostly means he just needs more prayers to feel spiritually confirmed about it. He chose March 11th for himself. :)

Flowers from a street contact

"Thank you for the compliment about the scarf" - text from a street contact

Angela is doing well!! We went over and taught her this week - she is incredible. She absolutely loves God and she was so happy to have us there with her teaching the word of God to her. She said that she loved coming to church and she definitely wants to keep coming! (She will be baptized I know it.)

Jean Marc's baptism
Our district
Paqueline!!! We went over this week to teach her and her mother in law was there. She has soooo much family here its crazy (we got to get them all to come to church!!) We showed the Joseph Smith video and I think they really liked it! The mom had a lot of questions (too bad she lives in Paris - we'll have to pass that coordonnée.) BUT Paqueline ended up coming to church with her baby!! She couldn't bring her other 2 daughters and sister because they weren't ready in time (thats what happens with 930 church haha). But next week she said that all of them (including her husband) can come!! Super excited about her!

Ephrem is golden as usual. We only got to meet with him once this week but he came to church so thats good! Hopefully we can meet with him more this week because once a week isn't enough! Especially if he's going to be baptized in a week and half! He knows the church is true already... we seriously couldn't ask for someone more golden to teach! (We also passed coordonnées of his family in the congo AND in France - his whole family is going to be taught the gospel - how cool is that!)

Resolving to eat healthier
This week with members we've been sharing Mosiah 24:10-22. I really love this story because it shows how people can be supported in their afflictions and still be grateful for everything God has done for them! We invited the members to say a prayer of gratitude every day this week to thank him for all of the many things he has done for us! I invite you all to do the same. :)

JE VOUS AIME! I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Soeur Everett

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