Monday, February 16, 2015

"Crumbs of shame" - Sr. Skalka (Week 57)

Valentine's date with Natalie
I am absolutely in love with my companionship. We do nothing but work hard and laugh together! This is probably going to end up being my favorite transfer of my mission, I can feel it.

So this week we ate out twice... it had been a long time since we had eaten out so we justified it. The first time was in Antibes at this cute little café called "restaurant" along the coast. We were sitting there staring out at the ocean and looking at the pretty french architecture and just thinking about how blessed we are. Soeur Skalka was like "Soeur Everett. Can you believe we're just casually sitting here eating delicious food at a café in France?" She's right! Sometimes we just gotta remember how extremely amazing our lives are!

So the quote for the week: we were at this café in Antibes and we (like good Americans do) asked for extra bread after we finished the entire basket. When we finished eating there were crums all over the table. How do French people eat bread without getting crums everywhere??? I'll seriously never understand.

My bff Kiwa
This Valentine's day as a missionary was far better than any Valentine's day yet. (And will probably always be my favorite unless my future husband takes me to France for Valentine's day haha.) We fixed a lunch date with Natalie to go to this restaurant along the Croisette (if you don't know what that is, look it up). Although it was pouring rain all day no one can damper Soeur Skalka's mood so automatically mine couldn't be dampered either. (Literally Soeur Skalka is ALWAYS happy. Never annoyed, never upset, never loses her patience.. she's an angel.)  Anyway, we had the best time together eating pasta straight from heaven and talking about life. Then later that night we had our ward activity to end our "40 day fast" (one or more members picked a day in the 40 days and they did a fast for missionary work and either prayed with us, invited us over, or went out and worked with us.) It was one of the best activities I've been to ever. It was simple and casual but the spirit was strong and we all had a great time!  Frère Perez took me completely off guard after I sang my song and asked me if I would share a missionary experience and then bear my testimony. He literally asked me on the spot! Haha. However, I was extremely grateful to be able to talk about why I am grateful to be a missionary. I talked about deciding to come on a mission and what it meant to me to be here. I couldn't help but cry and I saw some people in the audience who were touched as well. I love when I can help people feel the Spirit somehow. It's one of the best feelings.

Took a few too many of these and they were all fails....
Ok here's a good Valentine's day story. This actually happened the day before Valentine's day but that's ok. So we were at a members house going to help him move but then it started pouring rain and he decided to cancel. :( We got free umbrellas from it though! Haha. We got on the bus heading back and we paid for our tickets and while I was walking away the bus driver starts talking to Soeur Skalka. Here's the convo:

"Do you speak English?"
Then he points at her and very seriously says:
"I love you."
Hahahahahahahah I died. Happy Valentine's day Soeur Skalka. ;)

Alright now for some cool miracles!!!! Whoohoo!

We take the best selfies
On Monday night we decided to go porting. It was Soeur Skalka's first time ever. Right before we went to the neighborhood we were planning to porte we see this beautiful leather couch in like perfect condition on the road. Sr Skalka wanted that so bad... but sadly I had to break her little heart. (But I took a picture of her with it.) She turned to me and said she knew there was a miracle coming because of this miracle couch. So we started porte-ing and we talked to some weird people and we talked to some not-interested people. Finally we get to this door and Sr Skalka goes up on her tippy toes so that she can talk into the speaker phone....and he's not interested either. So we kept on keeping on and we rang this doorbell and the lady INVITED US IN. Whatttttt. She answered our questionnaire and asked if we could come back 2 days later. 2 days later we went back and we had an AWESOME rdv with her. Her house is as clean as a temple and she had snacks and drinks all ready for us. We taught her the Retab and we gave her a BOM and set a return appointment!

Then the next night.... literally anything and everything we planned fell through... one of those days. And even more it rained. So we went out to this outer ville where we were going to go to a members house but that fell through so we went porting instead. Guess what? After knocking on like 4 houses WE GOT LET IN AGAIN. The couple was way super cool. They said they already knew missionaries a really long time ago! We shared a story from Christ with them and they said we could come back whenever we wanted. :)

A picture a member printed out for us.
Missions are fun everyone. I know people say they're hard, but they're more fun than they are hard. I'm so happy.

Ok as for a spiritual thought... I know I've been talking about the same thing like every single week but I found this really really great quote this week from Uchtdorf (he gives the best talks.) It's about our testimony. Here you go:

"The more we incline our hearts and minds toward God, the more heavenly light distills upon our souls. And each time we willingly and earnestly seek that light, we indicate to God our readiness to receive more light. Gradually, things that before seemed hazy, dark, and remote become clear, bright and familiar to us."

Beautiful isn't it??

Ok gotta go!
Bisous love you!

Soeur Ev

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