Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Soeur Everett. We are blessed." - Soeur Skalka (Week 58)

Soeur Skalka and I
Brace yourselves. Just to preface this e-mail... everything contained in it is 100% true. This miracles may seem impossible but they aren't. Pretty sure this has been the most miraculous week of my entire mission.

Okay, here we go...

So this week we went on exchange with Montpellier!!! Even though it ended up being 3 days long with travel time we had some absolutely crazy things happen! I'll just tell you one miracle that happened while in Montpellier with the most adorable Soeur Andersen from Denmark!

Chemin de la Californie
We went to a members house to have a mangez-vous and when we got there they asked us if we would want to teach their friend if he came over after we ate. WELL OF COURSE. When he came over we could both tell he was extremely depressed. He could hardly look us in the eyes. He started to talk to us about how he had made such horrible mistakes in his life and that now that he was starting to believe in God again, the closer he got to God, the more guilty he felt. He said he hadn't been able to sleep for several nights and that he felt like he was damned. In this RDV I have never been more grateful for the Spirit. Heavenly Father completely took over this lesson and guided my words. I honestly don't remember exactly what I said but I made him specific promises that I could only do as a representative of Jesus Christ. After I finished what the Spirit wanted to say the member was in tears and I could see some tears in Georges eyes as well. I promised him he would be baptized and completely cleansed from his sins. And I know without a doubt that my promise wasn't my own. Really amazing experience. (There's more to this but I have no time with so many miracles to share!)

Second. This one is a silly miracle but a miracle nonetheless. So while Soeur Andersen and I were on our way to Montpellier we had a delay in trains and ended up missing our connecting train. We were there in Marseilles and weren't going to get to Montpellier until way past curfew. I said a prayer that we would be able to spend the night in Marseilles (mostly because I wanted to leave the gare and explore...) but the plans didn't work out and we ended up just heading to Montpellier and getting in late. When Soeur Skalka got to Montpellier we had about 5 minutes to go and catch our train. We booked it to the train and we got there right as it was pulling away... :( I was super sad because I missed Cannes a TON after only 2 days haha. Here comes the miracle. Because we missed our direct train we were given a replacement with a STOP IN MARSEILLE. We had an entire hour. It was one of my favorite moments to be in Marseille with one of my best friends at sunset in such a gorgeous city... That was how Heavenly Father answered my prayer from Monday night. In an unexpected way... but way better than it would have been if I had what I originally wanted.
Another billboard we imitated
Ok get ready.... this is the miracle you've been waiting for. Spoiler alert. We have 2 engagés getting baptized on March 14th!!!! Happy birthday dad!!! ;) Here's what happened.

My favorite member Kiwa told us that she had a friend that has been going through really hard times lately. She moved here recently with her 2 daughters and their situation is really difficult (I won't go into detail.) Kiwa invited her to the RDV we had set to meet with her! During the RDV Elizabete (Kiwa's friend) cried and said this is what she's been waiting for her whole life. She then recounted a dream she had 2 weeks ago..... There were 2 young girls on either side of her arms lifting her up to the sky (heaven). She interpreted her dream to mean me and Soeur Skalka and that now everything is making more sense in her life! She told us that she thinks the reason she has been having difficulties and why she had to move to Cannes was so that she could be ready to accept the gospel. Then she introduced us to her two daughters Leony (15) and Kleina (6). All three came to church on Sunday and Elizabete and Leony are getting baptized in 2 1/2 weeks!

An adorable Danish sister named Sister Andersen
We also have TWENTY LESSONS!! Yipee! On Sunday morning we still had 8 lessons to go haha. I love when that happens. But Soeur Skalka and I were extremely determined to get our 20 lessons so did it!! After church we came home and ate lunch, did some power squats and then recited our new favorite quote (one you sent to me mom!). The one about desperation by Sister Nelson. Then we hit the streets!! We set a goal to be done with our lessons by 4pm (about an hour later). Literally the first 4 people we talked to we had lessons with. The next couple took a bit longer but as Soeur Skalka was saying the prayer for our last lesson I looked down at my watch and it said 4:00 on the dot.

Miracles miracles miracles miracles.

Okay, darn I'm completely running out of time and I had such a cool one to share. But voila those are some of them!! This week was incredible.

Also Raphael passed the Sacrament for the first time on Sunday. I just about cried. (And he's at the temple all week with the ward!!)

Love you!

Soeur Ev

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